BC Drummers Part 2- Rad Juli and Leon Power

Here is the second installment of BC Drummers for BC Musician Magazine. This article talks to folk/rock/country drummers Rad Juli and Leon Power. These hardworking drummers tour BC on a regular basis and have worked with many artists over the years. BC DRUMMERS Part 2: Folk and Country  

E.S.L. Heart Contact EP Release on Coax Records

E.S.L. is back with a new ep out on Coax Records. We will be doing a short tour to celebrate our new release. This album features songs in 5 languages (English, French, Polish, Spanish and German), a song written by Geoff Berner and Dan Mangan getting down on our song Superbaked! http://ridethetempo.com/2016/05/28/listen-esl-heart-contact-ep/

We’re Making A Band: A Study In Movement

Justine Chambers residency at The Dance Centre has given time for some research. In this project, drummer Ben Brown and Justine Chambers collaborate to do a study on the movement of drumming. Mili Hong and myself are the drummers and dancers Ashley Whitehead and Kevin Li examine the way we move as we drum. http://thedancecentre.ca/blog/view/2016/02/we_re_making_a_band […]

BC Drummers Part 1-Mili Hong and Ben Brown

Here is a new series of articles I am writing for BC Musician Magazine. It features 2 drummers (1 female, 1 male) in a genre. This first article talks to jazz and experimental drummers Mili Hong and Ben Brown. I had the opportunity to work with both of these drummers on a project called “We’re […]

Fortresses Cassette Release

Super stoked to be announcing a new project that I have started called Fortresses. We are a Vancouver based psych post-punk project with the super dream team of Ora Cogan on synth and vocals and Matt Duiry from Summering on guitar.  We accidentally became a band after Ora Cogan asked Matt and I to back […]

BC Musician Magazine- Instrument Builder #2 – J. Romero, Klemm Drums and Mountain Fruit Folklore Centre

Here is the second installment of articles written about local BC builders. In this one we talk to J. Romero Banjo Co, Klemm Drums and Mountain Fruit Folklore Center.     http://www.bcmusicianmag.com/bc-instrument-makers-part-2-banjos-snare-drums-marimbas/

BC Musician Magazine – BC Instrument Builders Articles #1- Goldline Drums

It has been a lot of fun to work on this 3 part series for BC Musician Magazine. There are many talented builders that are working locally to produce quality instruments. This first article is about my dad, Bill Machuga, who not only was the person who taught me how to play drums, but also […]

Mind Of A Snail and Emily Rose Nyberg Parker House Productions House Show

Parker House Productions and Small Room Series present an evening of shadow puppets and music. Mind Of A Snail present Shadows and Sound: Inside Outlet Emily Rose Byberg Saturday, November 29 Doors at 6 pm, show finished at 9 pm Free and all ages 1715 Parker Street (corner of Commercial and Parker, above Dream Designs) Unfortunately, […]

From The Archives: Healing With Magnets

Here is some older material recorded in 2003 at Studio 80 in Nelson BC. These songs have never been posted on the internet before, so I thought it would be fun to have them available for folks to listen to. This was a project that I played in with Warren G Funk and Jacob Mullen. We […]

Red RIde Tour 4-way

Getting really excited to be a part of this very cool tour featuring Kristi Lane Sinclair and Cris Derksen. We will be hitting up all the big cities in Canada and performing with many special guests, including George Leach, Iskwe, Nick Sherman and Laura Ortman. Here is a little write up from the Red Ride […]