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“What you are about to hear is HEAVY Magic in the form of Sludge. BASIC INSTINCT have created a record that gives me chills but at the same time frightens me. What I do know about this band is that are using this art form to manifest music that has a message of protest and they stand for issues that matter to us all.”

-Sean Reveron- WTF! Five Modern Sludge Bands Pushing The Genre FORWARD! –CVLT Nation




“All distortion-stun guitars and machine-gun drumming, this is hardcore
as it was played in the fast-and-uncompromising ’80s.”

– Mike Usinger, from “Joyce Collingwood offers up scorching bangover remedies”,
Georgia Straight | READ MORE

“Joy Mullen, on drums, is Honey Lantree, Dottie Dodgion
and Carol Burnett tipping Wild Turkey.”

– Gaalen Engen, from “e.s.l.: You don’t need language when the music is this good”, The Paltry Sapien | READ MORE

“Joy Mullen’s solid drumming anchors the whole lovely sound
together. Her fills are pretty great, too.”

– Healing with Magnets review, Discorder, 2004

“Marta from Fan Death introduced me to Joy when we were looking for a drummer.
We loved her but she was hard to get, really in demand, so we had to woo her.
We put a spell on her.”

Claudia Fernandez, from “Joyce Collingwood” (feature), BWG Magazine | READ MORE

“…pure energy as wailing guitars and manic drum beats crash and wail…”

– Cail Judy, from “Joyce Collingwood” (cover feature), Discorder | READ MORE

“…a nice jazzy drum solo from Joy Mullen.”

Chris Conaton, from “e.s.l. Eye Contact”, PopMatters | READ MORE

“Joy Mullen’s forthright, well-mixed drumming”

– Paul Corby, from “CFMA nominee Kristi Lane Sinclair’s latest album”,
Roots Music Canada | READ MORE

“Joy programs the live music at our Kitsilano location…”

from Nuba News | READ MORE

“I aim to align myself with strong women creating space for this expression.”

– from “Q & A with Guest Programmer, Joy Mullen”, Tomorrow Collective | READ MORE