Drum Art (moon.in.the.4th)

For some time I have been curious about exploring other art mediums. I was drawn to textiles and became interested in using drum materials that were no longer usable and would otherwise be discarded.  I began visiting local drummers and asking for their old drumheads, broken sticks, blown out mallets, warped cymbals, and cracked shells.  I enjoy combining elements of drum materials; metal, plastic, wood, cloth, and animal hides with mixed yarns, wool, and leather with exploratory color combinations. I started creating these pieces in August 2017 and my moon.in.the.4th creations have been well received. Moon in the 4th is an astrological reference that reflects a placement of mine that holds the need to spend time at home. A homebody at heart, it gives me great enjoyment to explore colors, materials and shapes to produce one of a kind wall hangings.

Joy is a white settler currently living on unceded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nation’s territories. While many of the materials used are from other cultures, the pieces are not meant to be appropriative in any way.


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