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e.s.l. | Chamber pop quintet

Vancouver-based chamber pop quintet e.s.l. was formed in 2005 when pianist/vocalist Marta McKeever (Fan Death, Girl Nobody) propositioned cellist Cris Derksen (Tanya Tagaq, Kanye West) to play a David Suzuki fundraiser. Drummer Joy Mullen (Joyce Collingwood, The Doers) joined soon after with fiddle-playing heartthrob Diona Davies (Po’Girl, Geoff Berner). They discovered trumpet player Tess Kitchen (Wintermitts, VSO) at a porch party in 2009, and have been touring Canada ever since. They have performed at many major festivals including: Winnipeg Folk Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Regina Folk Festival, Calgary Folk Festival, Dawson City Music Fest and Vancouver Island Music Fest.

Cris Derksen


Cris Derksen | Half-Cree electro cellist

Cris Derksen is a half-Cree, half-Mennonite, classically-trained electro cellist. Her debut album The Cusp won the 2011 Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Instrumental Album of the year. Cris is often commissioned to compose for film, dance and theatre, and her recent credits include 8th Fire, 4-part CBC mini series. Cris has shared the stage with Tanya Tagaq, Kanye West, Lightning Dust, and Ivan E. Coyote. She regularly performs across Canada as well as internationally in Spain, Czech Republic, Norway, and Germany.

Joyce Collingwood


Joyce Collingwood | Thrash metal band

A fast and furious all-female thrash/metal/punk band, Joyce Collingwood is named after the Vancouver skytrain station, a legendary punk hangout. They were the first female band to perform at Van Island Hardcore Fest, and were also invited to perform in a women’s correctional facility and at Girls Rock Camp Vancouver. They had a cover feature in Discorder Magazine after the release of the self-titled vinyl EP.


Miss Quincy | Raunchy roots & rock ‘n’ roll

Good musicians playing good music, it’s the oldest trick in the book. Miss Quincy plays with dirty guitar licks, sweet gospel harmonies, swampy grooves and stories of old time deal breakers. Winning the 2011 BC Indie Awards for Folk Traditional Recording of the Year, Miss Quincy calls the road home. Channeling The Runaways, The Black Keys, and Big Mama Thornton, Miss Quincy doesn’t fit the classic girls singer-songwriter mold singing pretty pages out of diaries. Instead you’ll find them starting a party everywhere they play by getting down and rocking out with raunchy roots and blues and straight-up rock ‘n’ roll.


Rae Spoon | Queer musician and author

Having started out as a country artist and later adding experimental and electronic elements into their music, Rae Spoon has released seven solo albums and three collaborative albums over the past ten years. They published First Spring Grass Fire and were the subject of a musical documentary “My Prairie Home” by Chelsea McMullen.

Kristi Lane Sinclair | Haida grunge singer-songwriter

Kristi Lane Sinclair was raised on grunge in the backwaters of BC. A Haida Nation singer-songwriter, she uses a classical guitar and hard-edged vocals to sing scathing break up songs and intoxicating love songs. Her album I Love You was nominated for Best Folk Album and Best Producer at the Aboriginal People’s Choice Music Awards.

Christa Couture | Singer-songwriter

Vancouver-based Christa Couture has established herself as a songwriter with sharp-shooting wit, effortless grace, and heart-on-sleeve intensity. Her album The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker hit the top 10 on CBC Radio 3 and she won Best Folk Acoustic Album at the 2008 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards. She was also nominated Best Female Artist.


C.R. Avery | hip-hop beat-box blues soloist

He has performed extensively throughout North America and Europe as a beat-box poet, punk piano player and outlaw harmonica player of hip-hop with his rock & roll band.

Abramson Singers | Folk noir

Leah Abramson, a self-described “choir nerd”, has been an in-demand harmony vocalist and performed with Bob Wiseman, Dyad, Octobermen and many others. The Abramson Singers were selected for the 2011 Banff Centre Indie Band Residency. She also is a professor of libretto at UBC and teaches music lessons in a women’s federal prison.

The People Verses

The People Verses | Dance rock duo

Marriage-core dance rock band The People Verses played a dynamic live show and toured Western Canada and released their self titled album. Jacob and Joy Mullen made music instead of babies, and established themselves in the Vancouver music scene.

Girl Nobody | Alt space pop

Vancouver-based space pop band Girl Nobody formed in 1999 and released two albums: The Future Isn’t What It Used To Be and Balaclava Casino Heist. The group toured Canada and Europe performing effortless live shows with lead singer Marta McKeever spinning tales of alienation and aliens.

Greg Macpherson | Songwriter

Greg Macpherson has released 6 full-length albums and is the co-owner of Canadian indie record label, Disintegration Records. A former gravedigger, Greg MacPherson sings songs about workers’ rights and Canada’s landscape.

The Doers (Andrew Dennison)

The Doers | Acoustic punk

Sean Maxey, well-known for his album and poster art, played guitar in The Doers along with Barry Higginson. The band toured Canada and released several albums including Ready, Set…Do featuring The Minutemen’s Mike Watt on bass. Their speedy acoustic spaz-punk songs kept folks in line with punk ethics.

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